Terms of Use

We are glad to welcome you on our Bestessay.website. Before you start using the Website we strongly recommend you to read the Terms of Use attentively. This is caused by the fact that utilizing the Website as a guest or a registered user you give consent to follow the Terms of Use.


You should also know and understand if you continue using the services of our company you confirm that:

  • Any piece of information you provide us is true and relevant;
  • You will update the information and keep it up-to-date;
  • You are an adult user (over 18 years) and can be legally bounded by agreements;
  • If your age is 13-18, your use of the website will be guided by adults (parents or curators), who agree with the requirements of these Terms of Use;
  • You comply with applicable law while using the Website.

Contract Formation

You should remember that information and services provided on the Website can’t be considered as an offer, this is just an invitation to choose our services. The order is an opportunity to purchase services offered by the Bestessay.website. If you make the order you do this in accordance with the Term of Use described here. When the order form is filled out on the Website, you will receive a message confirming the receipt of the order and its number through the control panel. Do not confuse the receipt of the order with its acceptance. The former is just an acknowledgment that details about the order were added to the system, but not accepted by the staff.

In cases when you haven’t been notified though SMS, email, telephone call or any other way that we can’t accept the order, but the fact that you placed the order is proven, the order will be approved. After that we have a legal obligation to perform the order of appropriate quality within these Terms of Use. We are not obliged to explain why this or that order was rejected, after rejection costs you paid will be refunded in whole or in part.

Access to the Website

Every time our customers make the order, we ask to add as much as possible details, accurate information and instructions concerning a chosen type of services in the Order Form. This step is aimed is to give directions and helpful tips to our writers and editors what final results you want to achieve. Cooperating with the Website you guarantee that you described and included only relevant and true information and requirements to the order. Any sort of information considering orders, cooperation between you and us is processed and regulated by the Privacy Policy. We pay extremely big attention to security measures and do our best to guarantee that the third parties won’t be able to get access. You need to take care of security too, you must also restrict access to logins, passwords, verification codes we generate for you and other confidential data. If we find that you don’t follow the rules stated in the Terms of Use, we shall use our right to deactivate your account, login and password (it doesn’t matter whether it is set by us or created by you).

Final Provisions

This document is a main source that regulates your and our behavior concerning making and performing orders. For that reason all issues and misunderstandings (if they take place) will be solved within the Terms of Use. You can’t trust and consider as reliable points that are not included in the Terms of Use. These Terms of Use provide absolute privacy and protection of personal information, transactions and corporate data, that’s why third parties can’t get any rights based on this document.